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Lion King fans will love the Just Play Toys Lion Guard Training Lair Set for the preschool kiddo on your holiday shopping list. Even non-Lion King fans will love this because it's just a cool toy! I like that it's so tall (over 24 inches) so it's a cool one to sit or stand to play at for the kids. And my boys always loved anything animal themed … [Read more...]

The coupon code is HAPPYMONDAY at on any order. There's no minimum to get 40% off and if you spend over $199, you get 50% off. I spent $201 so I was pretty impressed with my coupon code using skills because I ended up getting 50% off that order of all my holiday cards and return labels. This is probably close to my 10th year … [Read more...]

My husband hates today! Well ya know, he loves that I'm getting things on sale but it's definitely my free-for-all spending day each year if I can get organized. Because who can resist some of these epic coupon codes and sales? I find Cyber Monday so much more appealing than Black Friday... hello coffee and shopping on my couch. I'll add coupons … [Read more...]

You guys. This book. I am so full of attachment for the characters after having just finished it that I'm going to have to sit for awhile before I start another book. It's called Lilac Girlsand you need to buy it/download it NOW if you're a reader and a lover of historical fiction. Man am I still reeling from this amazing read. I think I can … [Read more...]

While the kid screaming on Santa's lap is always good for a Facebook post or laugh when you look back on it, it's not usuallywhat you're going for when you hike it to the mall and try and get a photo of your child with the big red guy. 'Tis the season and the lines to sit on Santa's lap are only going to be getting longer as you read this post. … [Read more...]

Listen up people, for those of you looking to gift a relative or spouse who was a child of the 80s or early 90s, the Nintendo NES Classic is the holiday gift you have to get. If you can find it. Because right now it's sold out everywhere. This is the original Nintendo console that so many people grew up gaming on. I picked up one when I was on a … [Read more...]

"I am grateful for what I am and have. My thanksgiving is perpetual." -Henry David Thoreau Thanksgiving is right around the corner! These two quick crafts will add some festivity to your table. Turkey Name Tag What You Need: leaves gold metallic spray paint gold glitter mod podge ribbon hot glue First, use a knife to cut into the … [Read more...]

Growing up, I had one sister. My Dad was the lone dude in the house during my entire childhood - even the pets were girls until later in life. Today, I have the opposite going on in my house - a husband, two boys and even a boy cat surround me daily. And let me tell you, it can STINK! I've noticed it mostly with my boys as they get older - there's … [Read more...]

I've lost my mojo at my local gym a little bit. I've been going to the same gym for 11 years and while it's a wonderful gym with lots of group exercise classes and options, some things have changed with the schedule and my motivation has waned. Very recently, an Orangetheory Fitness opened up literally minutes from my house. I had seen friends … [Read more...]

"Playingdress up begins at age five and never truly ends" -Kate Spade I recently turned 20 and while I'm feeling sophisticated and mature, I'm also feeling old. I remember dressing up with my girlfriends in sparkly gowns and high heels like it was yesterday. We would host fashion shows in my room and giggle for hours on … [Read more...]