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This is it - my official, "I'm doing the Whole30 again" post. I was too chicken to post when I started it last year because I was afraid I'd waiver and not stick through it but now that I've done it successfully once, I have much more confidence this time that I'll muddle through this go-around. If you're not familiar, Whole30 is a 30-day clean … [Read more...]

Still doing some last minute shopping? I'll say this - I started earlier than I have this year and thought I was done until I did a last minute panic shop a few days ago. Cole mentioned something that he REALLY (big emphasis on the really) wanted and it was totally off my radar so Amazon Prime came to my rescue there. I've come up with a list of … [Read more...]

My first baby turned 13 a little over a week ago. It still boggles my mind that 1) I have a teenager (what the HECK?!) and 2) that times has gone so quickly. We haven't done an official birthday party in awhile but I wanted to do a little something for him to celebrate the fact that he was entering his teen years. 13's a hard age though. It's … [Read more...]

Last year, we traded in our Honda Odyssey for an SUV. I was over the whole minivan driving thing. But I will say this, which I feel cooler in my smaller SUV, I MISS the space and convenience. That was never more apparent than this past week, while I was test driving Chrysler's Pacifica. I didn't know much about this minivan but had a week to … [Read more...]

May your walls know joy, may every room hold laughter, and every window open to a great possibility" -Mary Anne Radmacher The holidays are here! It is time for families to gather, parties to be held, and gifts to be given. Conversation and laughter will warm the house and this year you can capture these memories with your very … [Read more...]

I can't think of a better gift to give with a greater purpose than artwork designed by Children's Art Project at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. Net proceeds support patient programs for children with cancer including pediatric education, creative arts programs and support groups & camps. MD Anderson Cancer Center is the … [Read more...]

Go old school with one of these nostalgic arcade games - theSpace Invaders Mini Arcade Gameor thePac-Man Mini Arcade Game. I don't even want to think about how many hours I spent playing these games as a kid! Now you can buy these small handheld mini-games for for grown-up kid on your holiday gifting list! … [Read more...]

Got a kiddo on your holiday gift list who loves to bake? These sets from Real Cooking are perfect & fun starter sets for the intro chef! I like price of theReal Cooking Ultimate Baking Starter Set- it retails for $39.99 and is on sale on Amazon for $19.99! It comes with all the tools needed for making cute cupcakes including a kid-safe … [Read more...]

For the Elmo lover on your holiday list this season, be sure to check out theLove2Learn Elmo. This toy is actually amazing! It has an accompanying app that personalizes Elmo to your child. Parents can set the app to do things like know and say the child's name, sing songs and customize Elmo with over 350 responses! Elmo will interact with the … [Read more...]

I just got this email and opened it right up, because a necklace for $6 from Stella & Dot? Now of course the fine print is that you need to make a purchase of $50 to get this deal but with all the sales going on right now, it's a good time to stock up for holiday & teacher's gifts at Stella & Dot! The deal is on the Wishing Necklace … [Read more...]