Archives for February 2017

The fam and I screened an early media preview of the new Lego Batman movie lastweekend. If you have boys or kids who love Legos, this one won't disappoint you. We loved it just as much as the original LEGO movie and this one actually may have some even funnier parts than the original. There were lots of jokes geared towards adults and they bring … [Read more...]

It's been awhile since I did one of these What's In My Bag posts, so I thought I'd play along and bring it back today! In part, this is just an excuse to share a picture of the purse hubby bought me for Christmas. I am absolutely obsessed with it and people literally stop me in the grocery store to ask about it - it's so beautiful in person and … [Read more...]

Do your kiddos love Pokemon? Do you? With two boys in the house, we're like Pokemon central over here. My boys have been playing Pokemon in various incarnations since they were small and their love for it doesn't seem to be waning as they get older! PokemonGo only fueled the fire last summer and then with the release of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon … [Read more...]