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Heads up! Nintendo is reportedly no longer going to be making the NES Classic. It definitely boggles me since it's been sold out since they released it last fall. Probably, they want to focus on getting more people to buy the Switch. (Which is also still very hard to get!) We snagged one a NES Classic on a blogger trip out to Redmond last fall … [Read more...]

Okay guys. I know there's a lot out there these days on food subscription boxes, information on buying organic and local. Sometimes it feels a little overwhelming and judgy. I personally try and do the best I can when it comes to feeding my family - buying organic or local when I can but 1) all healthy all the time gets expensive and 2) the food … [Read more...]

Even though it's been a little chillier and wet than it should be for this time of year in Philly, I found myself motivating into spring cleaning mode over the weekend. I got really got into it especially yesterday - it was only in the mid-60s most of the day but the sun was shining so we opened all the windows and I made an attempt to purge as … [Read more...]

It's like a little alarm clock went off in my body when I turned 40. Bing bing! She's 40! Time to start having stuff break! It's funny but it's also the truth! I remember hearing friends in their 40s complain about their achy-breaky bodies but I thought, That won't be me.... Ha! As I said, something clicked and my body isn't what it was in my … [Read more...]

This treat is super simple and cute for Easter and Spring! What You Need Marshmallows Rice Krispies Butter Green Icing Chocolate Mini Eggs Steps Make Rice Krispie treat and freeze them for 20 minutes in a cupcake tray Press the treats into a nest-like shape and freeze for two hours Swirl green frosting into the center of the treat Add some mini … [Read more...]

You guys. This is one of the best quiches I have ever had or made! No joke. So I only somewhat recently got into making quiches. It's just such a nice way to toss a bunch of healthy ingredients together and have a filling meal that generally gives you good leftovers for a day or two as well. Today, I'm bringing you a recipe for my fav quiche … [Read more...]

"Coffee makes us severe, and grave, and philosophical" -Jonathan Swift This week, I was invited to a local coffee shop to enjoy some freshly brewed lattes...Welcome to Denim Coffee. This shop is a nice ten-minute walk from the Dickinson College Campus making it the PERFECT getaway. As a student, it is nice to get … [Read more...]

Can you believe I haven't seen it yet! My guys all went to see Star Wars: Rogue One when it was in the movie theater but I didn't go so I'm glad to have it on Blu-Ray as of today so I can watch it soon! If you're a Star Wars fan, you'll of course have to have it too. The Blu-Ray also includes a never seen before clip of "K2SO: The Droid," which … [Read more...]

I always forget how much it costs to host a family function. I mean, I know but then I still am amazed when I end up spending $300+ or whatever on a meal for a big family holiday. You guys know what I'm talking about! So I received an email from BJs Wholesale Club about getting all your food for your family's Easter brunch for under $100 and I was … [Read more...]