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Wake up early You know what they sayearly bird gets the worm! Starting your day off earlier means more time to accomplish your goals. However, do not compromise your sleep! Set a decent and reasonable alarm that will ensure energy and success. Get Organized Create a routine, buy a planner, establish a workspace. I use a cute notebook from … [Read more...]

Yo friends. It's been awhile since I brought you a good old fashioned toy round up. I was up in New York City a couple of weeks ago for a client meeting and I ended up swinging through Blogger Bash, a blogger event that I've attended the last few years. They host Sweet Suite, an evening with toy brands so it's always a great time for me get a … [Read more...]

Essential oils fan? I know I love using my diffuser and I've tried essential oils for a number of other homeopathic remedies over the years. So when I was recently at a baby event in NYC, I was attracted to the Oilogic booth. Essential Oils are all-natural and non-toxic so I guess it makes sense they would be a great option for little … [Read more...]

(First pic: Freshman Year Second pic: Sophomore Year) Everyone knows about the Freshman 15 and yeah it is real. So many people go to college their first year and gain weight, but don't worry it's NORMAL. It is important to remember your first year of college is a HUGE adjustment. You change locations, friends, and let's be honest your entire … [Read more...]

There's a little hidden gem of a resort in the northern Poconos of Pennsylvania. It's called Woodloch and you may have heard of it if you're from the area. If you haven't been, you can't possibly understand the wonder and fun that exists there. Not until you go. And then you'll never want to leave. Woodloch is a family-run business and they have … [Read more...]

So I was up in NYC earlier this week. It was a mixed work/pleasure trip and after I was done with my work events,I met up with my bestie from high school who came into the city to meet me last minute. We decided last minute that it would be fun to see a Broadway show and wewere both flexible about what show we would see. There's a lot of great … [Read more...]

1. Establish your goal. Write down your fitness goal and stick to it! Whatever your goal may be (weight loss, toning, health, etc), make sure you remind yourself of it every day. This will encourage you to keep at it and not give up. 2. Make a plan. Schedule out your week with workouts and meal prep! This will make it easier and less of a … [Read more...]

I was doing one last quick check on the Amazon Prime Deals today and spotted this Anker PowerCore Portable charger. My brother in law got it for my husband and I can't tell you guys how awesome it is. I take this with us anytime we travel, including 12 hours on a plane to Hawaii with no USB charger. This thing means serious business. It's … [Read more...]

I'm no where near this organized usually but with today being Amazon Prime Day and all.the.sales, I actually just purchased my first birthday or Christmas present for Cole. We've been sharing my Paperwhite the last few weeks and he recently discovered the awesomeness of reading on an e-reader. Just yesterday he stole my Paperwhite (right when I was … [Read more...]

Heads up, Amazon Prime peoples. Today is Prime Day, which means there's an entire slew of goodies and exclusives special for you. Do you do Amazon Prime? I LIVE for it. With a busy household, sometimes you need to just click and shop and the two-day shipping doesn't hurt! Today is the 3rd annual Amazon Prime Day. All you have to do is visit … [Read more...]