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If you're looking to pick up something different from your next book, I highly recommend Born a Crime, a non-fiction collection of stories from Trevor Noah. One of the ladies in my book club selected this for her pick for the month of September. If you aren't familiar (I wasn't), Trevor Noah is currently the host of the Daily Show, a tv show on … [Read more...]

Two separate people last week asked me for an update on my IPL facial laser disaster from last April. You can click to read, but if you missed it, I basically went for a laser treatment on my face in the spring and it did not go well. It's called an IPL and I was looking to get rid of some age spots and tone down some of my freckles. I had never … [Read more...]

About a year ago, I stumbled upon a Groupon deal that seemed to good to pass up. It was a case of wine for some crazy discounted price and I decided to take a chance and order. I ordered a case of 12 bottles - 6 reds and 6 whites and the Groupon gave me something like 75% off. I figured the wine wouldn't be good but the price made it worth the … [Read more...]

Just a little quickie about my two day juice cleanse last week. I wanted a little reset after all my summer antics and decided to try a new-to-me juice company. Satya is madehere in Philadelphia, although you can order it nationally. I had it delivered to me out in the suburbs - if you are in the Philadelphia area, visit their website and see if … [Read more...]

I'm so sad today. My last kiddo went off to school this morning and while I've done some serious celebrating in previous years on this day, I'm only feeling sad right now. So far I've distracted myself with a 10,000 meter row-for-relief challenge at my local Orangetheory for Hurricane Harvey relief and I decided I'd do a random post with my … [Read more...]