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Nothing jazzes up a workout like a new workout outfit to make you feel good about yourself. I was definitely in a bit of a workout funk over this summer but I'm happy to say that now that I'm fully into a fall routine and am regularly at my local Orangetheory Fitness, I'm loving working out again. But having cute clothes always helps inspire me … [Read more...]

In the past decade or so, I've become a "I don't leave the house without jewelry on" person. My twenty-something self doesn't recognize me now! But I will say this - on the off chance I don't have something on, the one thing I will always have on is a bracelet or two.I'm alllllll about the arm candy and bracelets are my fav piece of … [Read more...]

Resurrecting an oldie but goodie because this continues to be a really popular post on Mommies with Style despite the fact that the original 20 Non-Candy Halloween Ideas is from 2014! Of course we know the kiddos love candy but I'll be honest, my guys love getting some non-candy in the mix for something different and of course as a parent it's easy … [Read more...]

Sharing again because I love ordering my wine from Heartwood & Oa so much! This is not an affiliate link or have they ever contacted me; I just appreciate the ease of ordering wine online and I have been loving tasting some new wines that I wouldn't normally by with Heartwood & Oak's wine service. I like that it's not a subscription either … [Read more...]

I'm obsessed with my new shoes, the Rayos Perforated Wedge Sandal. I picked them up at Nordstrom on sale - they are currently a few bucks less than I even paid too if you like them too! Of course it's 40 degrees and freezing today in Philly - our first real fall-feeling day but it been mostly warm this fall so I've had a bunch of opportunities to … [Read more...]

I just love this little Bluetooth LED Pumpkin Speaker that I bought off Amazon last week for some upcoming Halloween events we have coming so I had to share! It's only $16.99 with free shipping and it glows and changes different colors and makes spooky sounds when you turn it on. Plus, it's actually pretty great sound-wise for such a tiny little … [Read more...]

Hey, it's not too early to start that holiday shopping and today's a good day to make some purchases on Ivory Ella. They are giving away a free gift with a purchase of $75 or over, which isn't too hard to do if you have a girl on your list who is a fan of their clothes. Use coupon code FREEGIFT today to receive a free gift with your $75+ … [Read more...]

Have you guys heard of Paint Nite? Or maybe you don't know Paint Nite specifically but you probably have been to or know of local paint companies similar where you bring wine and paint with your girlfriends for an evening? I'm a big fan and a few have cropped up in our area over the last couple of years that I've been to. So when I was recently … [Read more...]

Oooh, I love this! Have a Percy Jackson fan in your home? I know it's early but this is a perfect holiday gift: the Percy Jackson Coloring Book. The reviews seem pretty good so far and if you have a kiddo who loves Rick Riordan books, this is a good one! It's a good gift gamble too as it looks like it only just came out end of August so chances … [Read more...]

A couple of weeks ago, a Facebook ad for these bracelets from My Intent caught my eye. Yep, the marketing folks at My Intent did a little fist pump as my click through turned into a purchase because I loved the book and concept behind this jewelry and ended up buying two bracelets right away. It's a simple concept really - what's your word? … [Read more...]