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Have you guys heard of or been to an Altar'd State? I hadn't until a couple of months ago. I was at the mall with a friend and as we walked by, she mentioned it was a cute shop so we bopped inside. I've been addicted ever since! According to their website, their first store opened in 2009, so they are still relatively new to the retail market. … [Read more...]

Geometric earrings Pattern dress White boots Light jacket Rain boots Straw Purse(Smaller/cheaper) Floral top Stripe top Sneakers Cropped jeans … [Read more...]

So while I'm no longer a stylist with Stella & Dot, I still love them and love a good sale! I thought I would share this one - they have 50% off all sale items through the end of day Monday:President's Day Sale: Up to 50% Off Sale + New Styles Added Here's a couple of my favs: Everett Cold Shoulder Top   City Slim … [Read more...]

These foods will help keep your immune system strong and keep the flu away. Always hydrate and get your rest! I recently had the flu, and let me tell you it was NO fun. Luckily, I have been pumping vitamin C into my body along with fruits filled with antioxidants and it has significantly shortened my illness. The key is to get plenty of rest and … [Read more...]

Recently, I have been focusing more on skin care than my makeup routine. I have been trying out TONS of new products to help hydrate and replenish my skin. I have grown to LOVE to pampering myself and face masks are my absolute favorite. I typically use a face mask at least once a week to restore my skin. Here are a few of my current favorites! … [Read more...]

Thank you Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board for sponsoring this post. Learn more about how you can prevent underage drinking at Last month, I brought up the topic of underage drinking. You can click to read but I talked about a boy from my high school who passed away at age 18 from alcohol poisoning. That was my first … [Read more...]

It's Februaryand it's right around now that everyone starts slacking on their 2018 resolutions. WELL, DON'T! This year is all about YOU. If you start to slack on your goals, don't be afraid to pick it back up again. Everyone has their off days, trust me. But this year let's stay focused on a clear mind, body, and soul. I personally want to keep … [Read more...]