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So we go to visit my parents in North Carolina a few times a year. Down there, the beach culture seems to involve getting to the beach early and setting up one of these large party tents to help deal with the heat and have some shade for the day. It always seemed like a lot of work to me but also appealing in that you have your own little cabana … [Read more...]

Skip Hop is the best! I used one of their diaper bags when my daughterwas born and this Skip Hop backpack on MAJOR SALE at Zulily caught my eye today. I love the tassels! … [Read more...]

Awhile back, a friend shared what she had done on the wall in her family room. She had a series of square wall tiles that were her Instagram photos and it was just beautiful. I figured she spent a lot of money so I asked her about it and it turns out it was totally affordable! She ordered them from Mixtiles, where you can order 3 tiles at 8x8 … [Read more...]

Is this not the cutest idea for a baby shower? It's the Labor & Delivery Kit from Belly Bandit. I spotted this while shopping the Early Access Nordstrom Anniversary Sale today and thought, I may have to get this for the next baby shower I attend! He may kill me if he reads this, but I may have to buy this for my brother and his wife - they … [Read more...]

No doubt you've seen someone carrying a straw bag around this summer; it's seems to be the hot summer trend in accessories for 2018. When we hit the beach over Memorial Day, I think every other woman was carrying one of these on the boardwalk. Straw totes aren't a new trend but they are definitely more popularly than ever this season. From small … [Read more...]