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I am heading into my senior year of college so I could consider myself an expert on the whole roommate situation. I have had great roommates and roommates from hell. Both have made me realize what it takes to be a good roommate. Before I get to the tips, here is a little on my history of roommates. Freshman - I lived in a small double with a … [Read more...]

Huge newsflash/sale that hit my inbox today that I had to share for Beautycounter- they are offering 20% off orders right now! I'm new but apparently they've never done this before so it's pretty awesome. If there's something you've been thinking of trying, now is the time with the discount. I joined Beautycounter as a consultant last month … [Read more...]

Our first stop on our Italy tour this summer began in Rome! We flew in from Philly and got straight to exploring. Of course, I was exhausted but nothing a few shots of espresso couldn't fix. We mainly walked around and toured the streets. Our hotel was very close to the Trevi Fountain which was beautiful! You can't go to Rome and not make a stop … [Read more...]