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A couple of years ago, I had a heart-related scare when I was running Broad Street, a local 10-mile race here in Philadelphia. You can read more about it here, but the short version was this: I had chest pain starting around mile 7 that continued until the end and was still feeling off for days after the race. My doc discovered I have a heart … [Read more...]

My latest read was this book, Circe. I saw it listed somewhere along the way and thought it seemed up my alley as I always loved Greek Mythology as a kid. It was a great read! Slow at times but compelling and interesting. Circe is a nyphm, the daughter of Titan Helios, the God of the sun. She's a lesser God and in traditional lore she most notably … [Read more...]

Hi friends! It's most definitely been awhile! Life is busy, as always. I've been working around 30 hours a week in my day job, on top of having two active kiddos and a busy family schedule. 6th grade and 9th grade for our guys now.It's hard to believe that the baby who inspired me to start this blog is now in high school. We moved both of our … [Read more...]