Before we give 2020 a huge goodbye party, there are still a few holidays left to celebrate. As everyone keeps saying, “The holidays will be different this year”, but that doesn’t mean we still can’t shower our loved ones with gifts! And through online ordering and shipping, you can do it all from your couch. I am actually really excited this year to not have an excuse to not fight the crowds at the stores. Also, as an added bonus, most stores are having Black Friday sales all month instead of just one day! So here is a round-up of our top game and toy gifts.


This game is perfect for a little one that is just starting to learn how to play games. It is super easy to set up and the rules are very simple. Magna-Tiles Treasure Hunt is three games in one. Collect golden coins in Jungle Treasure, act like a monkey in Island Race, or create their own game by making new rules! The kids loved playing with the tiles and coming up with creative new games.

You can find Magna-Tiles Treasure Hunt at Target. MSRP $17.99


Another great game for the whole family! It only took 2 minutes to set up and learn how to play. It’s as simple as placing your penguin on the iceberg and hoping it stays on. The person who gets all of their penguins on first wins! I also love that they have a solo play option. Compete against yourself to see how many penguins you can get on before they fall over. I played this with the kids after school and we had a lot of laughs. It’s a quick game, so it’s perfect for virtual school breaks or before bed.

Available Exclusively at Walmart. MSRP $5.99


What kid doesn’t like to squish around sand! We have tried Kinetic Sand before and loved playing with it, so Samantha was very excited to try out Slimy Sand and it did not disappoint! I even couldn’t resist playing with the sand and molding it into dinosaurs and spaceships! It comes with a large volcano as well as a track roller and various dino and galaxy molds. It comes with 3 different colors of sand, each with its own resealable bag. One of the things that I love best is the box turns into the “sandbox” to play, with. This is great for easy cleanup and storage!

Available on Amazon. MSRP $22.99


This craft set is perfect for your tween fashionista. Mix and match fun fabric strips on any of the 10 colorful satin headbands to make it unique  It comes with flowers, gemstones, and beads — or make a magical unicorn headband with sparkly ears and a rainbow horn!

Available on Amazon. MSRP $16.99


Strike has quickly become a family favorite in this house. Now that we aren’t quarantining and life has been getting busier again, we needed some games that didn’t last all day and night (we did have quite a few Monopoly days). Strike is perfect for a quick game we have been playing after school, before sports or after dinner. You can play for as long or short as you would like, given you tally up the rounds. Each player starts with a set number of dice. The goal is to match numbers and not get a X (strike). You get to keep the numbers you match but have to throw away the Xs. The goal is to be the last one with dice. It is fast-paced and a great social game. Fun to play while sitting around, having a cocktail and chatting too!

Available at Target. MSRP $19.99


This game is awesome for a game night with the family or friends! It is a 4-8 player game and you need to be able to read to play. Every time we play everyone ends up hysterical. The game starts with one reader and the other players are drawers. Each player has their own game sheet with 20 boxes. The reader reads words at a rate of 1 word per second, while the other players scribble down sketches to help them remember the word. After the 20 words are read, the reader asks the other players what a word was in a specific box. The player needs to look at their sketch and remember the word. Each time we play, there are some sketches revealed that has everyone on the floor laughing! Players take turns reading and move up the board by getting the right answers or stealing other player’s answers.

Available at Walmart. MSRP $14.99


Gravitrax is a great gift for kids or adults that love to build. Similar to legos, building these obstacle courses takes time, precision, and patients. But once completed, the satisfaction of getting to race your marble down the course is amazing. This 153-piece STEM toy offers a screen-free activity that helps with problem solving, creativity, and experimentation. I love having an activity in the house that takes some time away from devices! It also was good to have the kids work together to solve problems.

Available Exclusively at Target. MSRP $119.99

Clean & Clear Watermelon Cleanser

Just because we won’t be going to parties this year, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have great skin! Get ready for all your Zoom close-ups with Clean & Clear Watermelon Gel Cleanser. My skin gets very dry in the winter so I need a cleanser that is going to moisturize my skin and not dry it out. This cleanser is designed to remove dirt and grime but includes a burst of hydration to keep your skin moisturized.

You can also check out our YOUTUBE channel to watch us playing some of these fun games!

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