lacymommylauren.jpgThis past weekend I had a bat mitzvah to attend. With my changing shape and four seperate dinner, brunch, reception, religious service occasions to dress up for over the weekend, I was worried about what to wear! Add in an 8 hour drive to get to the event, that the clothes would have to withstand, and it was a bit of a challenge to pack for myself. Lauren Kiyomi to the rescue!
I’m so impressed with Lauren Kiyomi’s collection because it offers well made and tasteful basics that are easy to dress up or dress down to suit your needs. Everything is comfortable and classy. These are pieces that you know will form the basis of your maternity wardrobe and serve you well throughout your nine months and the transition period afterwards. The knits fold and travel well and the pants have just right amount of stretch for for comfort.But it’s the pretty tops that really have won me over.
The star piece of my weekend trip was the Lacy Mommy Top (pictured above). This top is amazingly versatile and was worn by Dayna Devon on the air during her pregnancy. It’s a great piece to wear with a skirt and a pashmina for a formal event. Or you could pair it with jeans to go out to dinner and a movie. It’s a real wardrobe superstar, which will make you feel ready for almost anything. Equally attractive is the surplice/wrap top version of the top, which would make a great piece to wear to a holiday party.
Mommies with Style get ready for the holiday season! Save 20% off this top or the lacy surplice top when you enter coupon codes MWST13 (for the lacy top) and MWST53 (for the surplice top). Please note you will have to be registered on the Lauren Kiyomi shopping site to make use of these coupons.

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