Resurrecting an oldie but goodie because this continues to be a really popular post on Mommies with Style despite the fact that the original 20 Non-Candy Halloween Ideas is from 2014! Of course we know the kiddos love candy but I’ll be honest, my guys love getting some non-candy in the mix for something different and of course as a parent it’s easy to appreciate a little less sugar in the bag!

Plus with so many allergies out there now, it’s nice to have options for the kiddos who may be allergic or gluten-free.

I’ve actually added to this list with two nore items we’ve gotten over the last three years. I’ve added puzzle erasers and the glow rings because they were a huge hit last year and I just ordered them again for this year for the past two years because kids love them so much:

2. Balls
3. Bubbles
4. Play-Doh
5. Silly Putty
6. Yo-Yos
7. Glow Sticks
8. Crayons
9. Sidewalk Chalk
11. Toy cars
12. Squinkies
13. Shopkins
14. Stickers
15. Erasers
16. Pencils
17. Spider & Bat Rings
18. Barrel of Monkeys (Hand out the monkeys)
19. Bendy Monster Toys like these on Oriental
20. Tattoos (here are some great ones on
21. Puzzle erasers
22. Glow in the Dark Jelly Rings


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