Following my big ultrasound, which we took the boys to, we decided it was time to give the boys a doll. Not a sissy-gift at all, but a doll to help the kids learn to nurture and care for a baby.
Corolle has an absolutely beautiful baby doll, Bebe Do. She comes with her own feeding bottle and a plush bunny. We gifted her to the boys, explaining that while we don’t know the gender of our baby, we can pretend with Do that this is our baby. Immediately, our 3 year old nurturer took to her. He quickly cradled her in his arms, told everyone to “shhhh” because the baby needed quiet, and held the bottle to feed her. I’m biased, but it was adorable.
Also included is a mini picture book which teaches big siblings to care for their baby, just the way Mommy does–making this a great big sibling gift. You’ll also find beautiful baby clothing, a baby sling and many other “mommying” products at Corolle.


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