BTube.jpgThey say that certain things head south for new moms. One minute you’re pointing due north and the next, your headlights are aimed somewhere in the vicinity of Tierra Del Fuego.
Which is why Mama Mio came out with the Boob Tube. Pure hope in a bottle, this lotion delivers what it promises, perkier parts. Applied daily, it really does what it was made to do, which includes vanquishing the words “saggy” and “baggy” from your bosomly vocabulary.
I hear that Santa is from the North Pole. So he’d be the first one to suggest putting this little pick me up in your stocking this season. Let me be the second. Because we all could use a little lift now and then.
Purchase Boob Tube directly from Mama Mio for $35. Use code freeship for free shipping on all orders over $65.

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