Packing for a journey where one leaves as pregnant woman and comes home a mother, deserves special attention. Perhaps this is why I have approached this task with OCD zeal, attempting with each pregnancy, to pack the “perfect” bag.
bag3.jpgBaby books are all full of helpful hints of what to pack for the hospital and mommy boards are full of even more suggestions. From socks to hairbands to sour candies, lots of people have practical suggestions for the items you will need to make your labor, delivery, and recovery comfortable. For me, the little things mean a lot. Such as bath/body products without conflicting or annoying smells, and clothing and nursing attire made from all natural non-synthetic fibers. Even the bag itself merits careful consideration. Assembling everything is an endeavor that usually takes me weeks.
Thus, with each pregnancy ( I am now on my fourth child) I’ve started packing my bag a little sooner. Last time, with potential bedrest looming, I started to pack as soon as I entered the 2nd trimester. And once again, I have started early this time. The only difference is that this time I got it all done in one day. Because this time, I let someone else do the packing. And then I put my feet up. Live and learn!
The Little Stork has outdone even an OCD girl like me. Their bags are truly perfecty packed and they have thought of just about everything. When you order from them you not only save time and money (items would cost you far more to assemble separately), but you save yourself the stress of running around to find all this stuff. And later you save yourself the annoyance of having to send your significant other out to fetch forgotten items, at a time when you should just be basking in new parenthood together and bonding with the baby.
The Little Stork’s generously sized and attractive canvas bags come filled with all the high quality essentials, but leave some room for you to tuck in your own additional must-have items. Most of the bath and clothing items are organic and have soothing natural scents. You select your own size for clothing items, so the bag is really tailored to your individual needs. There is even a handy toiletries kit for your significant other or labor partner and a cute outfit for your baby. For a complete list of bag contents, click here.
It’s no surprise that busy celebrities like Gwen Stefani and Brooke Shields have headed to the hospital with Little Stork bags. I’m thrilled to be in such clever company. Little Stork bags make amazing baby shower gifts and are an absolute lifesaver for moms on bedrest. I’m so thrilled to have mine ready to go. It really provides such peace of mind to have a great bag all prepared. Now I just have to figure out what to do with all that time and money that I saved!
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