Jitcrunch_aspxPREgo Rules are a new line of shirts by mom Rosie Hernandez that retail for $45. PREgo stands for Postpartum Resolutions Expected. I found these shirts very cute and funny (meaning don’t take it so seriously!!) . The one I saw had a graphic of a cupcake and said, below the PREgo Rules, "Better than healthy salad…just for now." Being that I have actually being craving salad (and okay, lots of genoa salami) instead of cupcakes, the shirt made me smile. And the shirt fit wonderfully!!

Rose has several categories of shirts. The "Girls Night Out" has graphics of martinis, margaritas, and cosmos, and the words "…coming back soon".  The "Coffee Lover" – with pictures of of a cofee cup and a latte, and the words, "I’ll catch up with you.. shortly".  Unlike the cupcakes, I have not been able to stay away from my daily cuppa joe. You try running after a 2 year old without at least 6 oz of caffeine – and my doctor said 1 cup a day was fine.   Luckily, at 24 weeks, I’m actually still fitting in my favorite shoes (not like my first pregnancy – I went up a size). So, the "Shoemaniac" line of shirts with graphics of shoes, saying "I’ll be back in my favorite shoes" wasn’t for me. Neither was the beach babe line, with a graphic of a bikini saying, "I’ll be back on my two pieces".  I haven’t wore a bikini since 2000!!! I loved the "Back on a diet" line – since I am always on a diet anyway.   Rosie’s Food line has shirts with graphics of ice cream, pancakes and donuts (I already mentioned the cupcake one). 

I enjoyed seeing Rosie’s site and thought the shirts were funny.  No, not every pregnant mama gives up her bikini, shoes or healthy foods (but I would hope the alcohol would go). I’m not really a drinker, but you missing your wine is allowed. Just like I miss my second cup of coffee per day!  So celebrate the "PREgo Rules!!"

Want to grab a PREgo Rules shirt for yourself of a buddy, go to pregorules.com. Rosie is offering free shipping.

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