Considering that I spend much of my youth either in New England (cold) or the greater Chicago area (colder), you’d think I wouldn’t be such a wimp when it comes to the cold and the winter.  Alas, I’m a total wuss and can’t stand the cold.  As hubby says, I’m destined for early retirement and 5 pm dinners in Florida. 

I’ve been living in Philadelphia for 10 years now – which is considerably warmer than anywhere I lived growing up, yet I still groan and moan when the frost comes out.

I’m sure it’s no surprise that I bundle myself and my kids up more than the normal Mom.  I am telling you guys this  because I really want to communicate how much it takes to impress me with a jacket or any kind of outerwear during the winter months. 

This year, Lands’ End provided my oldest son with a sample jacket of the Boys’ Sport Squall Parka.  It is by far one of the most warm kids’ jackets we’ve ever owned.  In fact, I’ve used it as a blanket for my legs in the car on long road trips (when I’m usually freezing while the rest of the fam is comfy as clams) – and let me tell you guys, this thing keeps the wearer toasty warm.

And it’s vital that my son be in decent outerwear this year – he’s now in Kindergarten and when he gets off the bus at school each morning, they line up outside for up to 15 minutes at a time.  He’s complained many times of cold ears or cold hands but when I’ve pressed him he’s told me, “the only thing that isn’t cold is where my jacket covers me, Mom.”  Seriously. 

Other items of interest about the Boys’ Sports Squall:
– it’s thin – no puffy Pillsbury dough kids here, it’s made of PolarThin, a material that insulates up to -10 degrees Fahrenheit.
-it has a reflective trim for outside, evening wear

It’s currently on sale – in fact the entire website of Lands End is 25% off until end of day, Monday December 14th.  Use coupon code FREEDEC14 with pin 3521 to receive your 25% off if it doesn’t come off automatically.

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