Dsc01186 Are you a hot mama (or hot mama-to-be)? Of course you are! Hot Mama Ink celebrates this with hip (and anything BUT boring) shirts, hoodies, pants and tanks (with maternity and non-maternity options), as well as baby slings. They even have two nursing tanks and a pro-nursing shirt. According to their website (and I wholeheartily agree with this), "A HOT MAMA defines herself by the style that she wears, the attitude she declares, and the bond that she shares with her baby. HOT MAMA INK is designed to embrace all that a mother is, and all she wants to be, with its one-of-a-kind artwork, designed for the HOT MAMA in every woman."

Owners Andrea Jarrell and Rachel Madewell started their very successful business in 2006. Andrea is a mom of a boy and a girl and Rachel’s kids are two over 100 pound dogs! The company has quickly have gained a celeb following, with their tattoo inspired line. Famous moms such as Angelina Jolie, Denise Richards, and Heidi Klum own Hot Mama Ink threads.

Rachel says, via the Hot Mama Ink website, "You don’t have to be a mother in the traditional sense to find meaning and beauty in the artwork or to wear the clothes. Whether you are a mom to kids or pets, or whether you are celebrating you own mother, you will be drawn to the Hot Mama Ink line."

The amazing artwork is done by famous tattoo artists, Zulu and Jackie Dunn. You can read more about them here. We checked out their Free Fit Geisha Tee (on sale for $39.50). Since I am not a fan of the formfitting tee (tanks are different), I loved the more relaxed fit and the soft cotton. And it was in my favorite color, black! Next we checked out the Motherhood Tank ($38) in a olive color. So adorable! We also saw the "Fierce Love"  yoga pants (on sale for $56) -so cute in the softest black cotton. I loved their slings also – totally crushing on the "Fierce Love" pouch ($76). They have many other cute shirts, hoodies and pants for you to check out. The clothes were cool and yet very comfortable for my life as a mom to one, with one on the way!

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