Wkte7pavol Calling all “Haute Mamas”! Check out the cool tees, tanks and hoodies from 2chix. They come in regular and voluptuous sizes (yeah!!). Adorable shirts include "Haute Mama" tee ($38) in hot pink or black, "Preggo Fabulous" in the long sleeve tee ($52), or "What’s Kickin" ($52) in a long sleeve tee in either pink or blue font (if you know her baby’s gender). They also have the sweet Expect Good Things tee ($38) – and comes with a free 6 month subscription to Pregnancy Magazine! 

2 chix also has a cute %100 cotton drawstring long skirt called the 40 Week Skirt ($58) for pregnancy and the transition period after. Comes in the army color or black. Looks so comfortable!  Most of their tanks are on sale for $33.50, so snap up a few. I don’t know about all you pregnant mamas out there, but I am such a furnace these days and constantly wearing tank tops around my apartment! So, I will be snapping up some of these babies!

Natasha Khoudsi and Amy Bright are the owners/designers behind 2 chix. They are married to a pair of best friends (who are also cousins and introduced the gals so they could continue their boys night out). Amy and Natasha hit it off.  After getting engaged and not finding what they wanted in engagement announcements, they created their own.  They were such a hit, that the ladies started a greeting card and invitation business. While planning their weddings, they each had a pregnant bridesmaid, so they saw the need for cool maternity tees. According to their website, "With their candid sentiments and clever graphics, Natasha and Amy were encouraged by their pregnant friends to expand their greeting card line to maternity apparel. Utilizing their friends as focus groups and fit models, 2 chix came up with the perfect formula for the perfect maternity tops." That grew into their 2 chix Maternity Tees business. Natasha and Amy both became haute mamas in 2006.

Celebs who have worn 2 chix include Brooke Shields, Jen Garner, Melissa Joan Hart, Constance Zimmer, Jaime Pressly and Angelina Jolie.

They didn’t forget about the Daddies – check out "My boys can swim" tee ($38), "Bullseye" ($38) and "The man behind the belly" tee ($38). They’ve also got a great wipes case called FabbyWipes ($25). Its cute, and makes it a little easier to find your wipes case in a crowded diaper bag – a plus when your child really really needs one!

Exclusive for MWS Readers: Use code mommystyle for 15% off. Good until 12/31. Shop 2chix.com.


  1. OMG! Angelina’s new movie looks slammin. I’ll definitely love it!

  2. jjKjTU Sounds great to me BWTHDIK

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