No, really. I’m totally serious. You may recall that I reviewed Mama Mio in the past. Last fall, I even tested 2 of their bootcamp programs and blogged about it. As you read, I was impressed. But, honestly, I didn’t get the value of it.

Until now. See, at 28 weeks pregnant, I can’t get over the fact that I wasn’t addicted to lush skin care with my previous pregnancies. For pregnancy 1 I think I bought drugstore-quality cocoa butter and shmeared it occasionally. It didn’t do much–so I wasn’t inclined to use it all the time. My itchy skin was dry, it looked drab. With my 2nd pregnancy I don’t think I even tried anything buttery. Probably used the regular lotion that was in Mom’s and Grandmom’s cabinets years ago. If I used anything at all. I got the “line” from my pubic bone to the top of my uterus early with both pregnancies. And thought that was totally normal. The 2nd time around my parched skin was a constant scratch-fest. Almost painful at times.

What I didn’t know did hurt me. You’re lucky, if you’re reading this early. Because I can attest to the fact that there is a difference. Look, I”m not doctor, certainly not a derm, but I can tell you from my experience that using the good stuff (yes, that usually means more expensive) will make a difference.

So, this pregnancy I’ve been trying a lot of different lotions, creams, butters, and systems. And most have their benefits: some are natural, others organic, they use different oils, have different consistencies and scents. And even though I’ve tried and liked many, I’m sticking, happily, with Mama Mio for the remainder of my pregnancy, and beyond. Its what I’ve been using from the beginning and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

My daily routine:

  • Moisturizing Shower Cream. I don’t use this every day, but I do try to. It depends on my shower speed and whether or not the kids need their pants buttoned while I”m in there. Its a great start to the routine, and I love using it after I shave on my legs.
  • Tummy Rub Butter. I swear this is the sole reason I don’t have the “line” this time. Spreading this all over my belly daily after a shower, I’ve reduced itchiness and my belly skin feels smooth. I also often put this on my inner thighs (my least favorite body part). There’s a noticable difference. At 28 weeks, I’m using the same tub I started using in my first trimester. If I’m lucky it will last throughout the 40 weeks, but I do think I’ll have to replace it before then, as my stomach continues to grow.. Still, the way I slather it on, its pretty impressive its lasted so long.
  • Boob Tube. This is a firming cream. My boobs haven’t grown too much this time (sorry, to my husband) but we’re not finished. They’re usually so dry (pregnant or not) and they’re not this spring. I also Boob Tube on my upper arms, neck and chest. Still on my first tube since the first trimester, but my boobs are small. A more average-endowed would probably be on her second tube by now.
  • Shrink to Fit. My butt’s not shrinking, but at least its firm. I use this at least once a day on my rear, thighs and knee area. LOVE this stuff and I have had to replace it once already. Likely to do that again, as I expect to use it after the pregnancy is over to shrink me back down.

If you followed my reviews in the fall, you’ll notice that the item I raved about most, Body Buff, isn’t part of my routine. It should be. I still love that and look at it longingly after each routine is over with a “oh, yeah, I forgot to use that!” But with 2 kids who are getting ready for their busy days and a husband who leaves before we all wake up, I’m usually too pressed for time.

So, if you’re shopping skincare for pregnancy, I definitely recommend my faves, but you should check out Mama Mio’s entire Pregnancy Skincare line. There are plenty of products and you should get those best for your needs. They also have great kits available, like the Countdown Kit.

Speaking of kits, and my previous Mama Mio Reviews, I have to mention Bootcamp for Tummies. Its new this month and it was created with the same philosophy as Bootcamp for Butts and Bootcamp for Boobs: the ability to shape your body with minimal work and lots of skincare. Mama Mio is helping us celebrate Mommies with Style’s launch of our new look with the launch of their new Bootcamp next week with a giveaway of a Bootcamp for Tummies kit. Make sure you’re subscribed to our RSS feed (that orangey button on the top right of the screen) to learn about the giveaway next week.

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