fit-by-sara I had a goal: I would stay totally and completely in shape through out my pregnancy. But then there were problems. And working out quickly became a goal of the past. Still, as my body became more and more “old” feeling, I tried and tried to get back to the gym and back into a routine. Ummm… I’m still trying.

Meanwhile I now have painful vericose veins. And there have been days when I’ve woken in so much pain that I limp. Really. And I’m only 35. So a few weeks ago, yearning for relief, I remembered I have a sample Prenatal Yoga DVD from Sara Holliday. I put it on and felt better in 35 minutes than I have in months. Sara’s calm demeanor and the atmosphere in which she practics on the DVD relaxed me and made it easy to sit down and start a session of yoga. About halfway through I was already feeling relief in my legs and the rest of my body as I gently stretched and grew. It went so quickly and with such success I fought off the yearn to do it again, immediately.

The DVDs are available by trimester or as bundles (I highly recommend bundling for savings and because a trimester is just to short… you’ll want more!) As well there is a Post Natal DVD (which can also be bundled) and a Stroller Workout. Order before May 31, 2009 and receive 20% off of all products with Coupon code: FITBYSARA.

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