Picture this if you can. The scene is my family room and there is a lot of pushing and shoving and “ME FIRST!”- ing going on. First my 6 yr old gets a time out. Then the 2 yr old. Then the 10 yr old. And then my husband. Yes, even my husband had to be reprimanded. Because when it comes to the coolest toy that we’ve seen in a long time, apparently there is no taking turns.
spaceFrameBuilder_big2.jpgIt’s hard to describe the Offi Spaceframe kit because it is so much more than a space frame. It’s a rocket ship, yes, but it is also a puppet theater, a fort, a viking ship, a playhouse, a giant robot and a speeding roadster. It knows no bounds, other than that of the imagination. And its big. Really, really big. Like taller than your kids big. Can you remember being small and the sheer thrill of building something that is taller than yourself? That is a feat that you just cannot accomplish with legos (unless of course you have a personal stock to rival that of Legoland).
I found several aspects of the Offi kit particularly brilliant. First of all, I love that it was easily used by kids (and childish adults) of many ages. The slots are a simple way to put pieces together and there is no learning curve, even my 2yo was building within minutes. You can add in additional sets, if you get really ambitious. And not to worry – the sets break down flat as easily as they set up, and store easily under a bed or in a closet.
The second aspect that I loved about the Offi kit was the material it was constructed from. PET Plastic. It is somewhere between foam and plywood in look and feel. It’s very lightweight, like foam, and very rigid like wood. Which means that it’s safe and sturdy for your little kids to build with and no-one is going to lose a toe when they drop a piece on their foot.
Not one day has gone by, since the Spaceframe arrived, that it has not been played with. My kids are begging for a second set and if my husband does not give in first, I will probably get one more. Because then I can build a magical tower, that is taller than me! It’s no wonder that Fortune magazine named this one of the top 25 toys of the year – it’s an empire waiting to be built. Get started on your own empire today by clicking to purchase here.


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