Last Friday, as I was walking to a Spin class in the gym, I ran into a couple of ladies I know.  They derailed me and talked me into a Conditioning class with an instructor that I love.  I had never tried the class and figured it would be a good workout and fun to do with some people I know.

It was a combination of working out with Kettlebells and trying to jump up and down on a Step.  Hard but I struggled through.

That was Friday.  Today’s Monday and I still hurt in places I didn’t even know existed in my body.  I was joking to my hubby that I was upset I didn’t have any pain relief cream (I used to use Ben Gay after college Rugby practices all the time!)

So since it was timely, I had to share this good coupon that hit my inbox, since I may actually be printing it out and using it myself!  Print out this coupon and receive $3 off your purchase of Tylenol Precise (pain relieving cream) at


  1. Tyleneol is great. I also just rediscoverd Absorbine jr. and used it on my very arthritic knee.
    Incredible improvement instantly and this after months of physical therapy etc. The product has been in existence since the late 1800’s , so it just goes to prove that the old tried and true products work!!! You can get this very inexpensive product at Walmart and probably your supermarket as well.

  2. Sorry Tylenol for the mispelling.

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