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7 year old with a big smile on the chair lift at Montage Mountain

I’m not a native Pennsylvanian. I’ve lived all over and I moved here 14 years ago so while I call myself from Philly now, it’s not where I grew up. So when hubby and I were first dating and he proposed skiing here, I was definitely wasn’t sure what to expect in Pennsylvania.  Little did I know, there are tons of ski resorts to hit the slopes here that are awesome.

I was quickly introduced to many of the resorts in the Poconos and eastern PA and have been hooked ever since.  I’ve been to Elk, Blue, Jack Frost/Big Boulder, Camelback, Ski Big Bear, Montage and Bear Creek. I hope to hit a few more this season to add to the list.

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More chair lift fun at Montage Mountain

So. I promised you 3 great reasons to ski in Pennsylvania – here they are:

1)  Many Choices!  According to Wikipedia, there are 21 ski resorts in the state of Pennsylvania.  The ski areas are divided up into 3 regions – Northeastern
(Pocono Mountain region), Eastern and Western (Laurel Highlands).  I can only speak from personal experience on the eastern/Pocono Mountains but I love the convenience of them too.  There are a least a dozen options for my family here in Philly and each of the resorts we visit regularly are within driving distance of folks in eastern PA, New York and Maryland.  You can see a full list of all of the resorts in PA complete with trail maps and more info on


My 4th Grader with his SnowPass

2) The 4th/5th Grade SnowPass.  We’ve got one in 4th grade this year and we took advantage of this as soon as we could!  We picked up a brochure at our local ski store but you can also download an application on that link and here on the PSAA 4th/5th Grade SnowPass Program page.  You need to do a little bit of paperwork for this but it isn’t bad.  There’s a $30 application fee but all it takes is skiing ONE time and you make your money back.  We just went to Bear Creek last weekend and his ticket would have been $46 so we’ve already saved money! You need to send in a small photo, a report card (I sent in a printed out copy from our school’s online system and that worked just fine!) and your $30 and then you’re good to go.

What you receive?  FREE SKI PASSES for your child at all participating resorts (which is most of them!).  Also, each resort provides up to 3 free tickets so we’ve used 1 at Bear Creek and will be able to take him there two more times – FOR FREE!  There are some blackout dates but it’s the dates you would think (MLK Weekend, Presidents Day weekend) so you just need to plan ahead.

I should note too that there are a bunch of fun coupons in the back of the book including half priced tickets for first time adult skiers who want to do a learn to ski package and several summer time coupons for visiting the resorts in the summer and checking out the water sports options!  If you have a 4th or 5th grader and live anywhere within a few hours driving distance of a PA ski resort, this is a must-have.

3)  $5 Off Adult Midweek lift ticket at the PA resorts. You can find it as the first coupon mentioned on this Ski PA Deal Page.  People can sign up and you can get a coupon after filling out the form.

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Bear Creek

You can find info on all of these options and any other information you need to know about skiing in PA on the website.

Disclamier: This has been a sponsored post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. I totally admit that I haven’t thought of PA much for skiing. Great to learn about so many options. I love the ski pass for 4th and 5th graders. I can’t wait for my little ones to learn to ski, too!

  2. This looks like such a great family vacation and really great for kids who are just learning to ski!

  3. I learned to ski in the Poconos and used to hit up Camelback regularly in college. Glad you guys are enjoying this intense winter 🙂

  4. I did the Learn to Ski package at Whitetail one year. It was something like $46 for the season for first time skiers. It was an awesome way to determine I was a horrible skier and snowboarder.

  5. What do you think a good age is to start? My oldest is going to be 5 in April… thinking we need to wait another year!

    • I think you could start now Lindsey! My youngest started at 4. I’d say that first year he didn’t get much out of it but another year or two and he got the basics! My niece is 5 and learned really well this fall and is going down the entire mountain….

      I think now or another year would be a great starting point. They have less fear then they are little so I think that helps them. My oldest was 6 when he started and he’s more cautious but I think his learning curve was longer because of his caution that it was with my youngest.

  6. We’re going skiing in PA this month with friends! I’m so excited about it, since I haven’t been skiing since high school.

  7. I really need to get my kids skiing more!! THanks for the reminder!

  8. I really want to take the kids this year! I think they would love it. My favorite part will absolutely be the ski lift! : )

  9. I’ve only been on one ski vacay…and it was in the Poconos! Of course, I didn’t actually ski so much as hot tub and cozy up in the cabin. I should probably change that. You make it look like such a blast!

  10. I need to take my kids skiing again. It’s been too long! Poconos needs to be added to our “to go to” list!

  11. Great idea on the snow pass. I just read an article about how old the average age of skiers is. We need to get more kiddos on skis. Having local resorts totally helps.

  12. I have not taken my kids skiing yet but can’t wait to introduce them to the sport! I love to ski!

  13. I’ve never been skiing but it sounds so much fun!

  14. I’ve lived in a suburb of Philadelphia my entire life, and can attest to the amazing slopes available in Pennsylvania! SO happy to hear you are enjoying the slopes and the snow this winter!

  15. Thanks for all of your great interest in skiing PA! We hope to see you with us this winter.

  16. I do ice skating, sort of. But skiing? Nope, I would break something. My cousin, however, loves Bear Creek, and goes several times a week. I think it looks like a great time, so glad you enjoy it.

  17. Skiing was such a big part of my childhood. We’d go with friends at least once a month and I loved it! We have yet to take the kids but definitely need to soon!

  18. That is pretty neat about the ski pass for kids. I haven’t heard about anything like that in New Jersey. I hope maybe by next winter to have me and my boys learn skiing.

  19. Do you have to be a PA resident to get the pass? I couldn’t figure that out.

    • Jenn – I meant to respond to this. I asked them and they said no! You don’t have to be a PA resident at all. Just obviously the coupons are only good in PA but you can be from any state

  20. We are actually taking our girls for the first time next week! I haven’t been for at least 10 years. It should be an interesting experience for all of us!

  21. Thanks!

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