I was the park with the kids recently when not one, but two Moms were wearing the same tee I was wearing from Old Navy. Talk about feeling cookie cutter. At least one of them was in a different color.
Here’s my thing – I don’t spend a ton of money on clothes for me, especially in recent years. Unless it’s for something formal, the items I wear take a beating and don’t last more than a few seasons. Grass stains, various food and schmutz from my kids, you guys know how it goes. Unless I’m at the semi-annual Nordstrom sale, I’m not typically in “unusual” or couture.
So it’s always nice to find a coupon code or something affordable that I know not everyone else is going to be wearing. A cute and small tee shop worth checking out that fits the bill is T Heyman Tees. The designer behind the tees, Terry Heyman, is going for that Zen-inspired, simple yet extraordinary design. You can check out her designs on her site, new to her website is the Buddha Baby tee as well.
Use coupon code 31J209198A0 for 30% off your entire order through July 5th, 2008.


  1. I usually buy clothes from a thrift store of find some in a vintage shop. I also don’t really spend much on clothes as I also think about other things to buy like my family’s needs and of course food.
    But I always love the idea to always go out stylish.
    I checked out the site, I love their tees. Do they ship orders outside of US?

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