babykick.jpg The last two weeks of my pregnancy have been tough. But my KickTrak kick counter from Babykick has made it a little easier.
I’ve officially entered my third trimester this week and I have also experienced a bout with preterm labor that has me on strict bedrest. One thing that my doctors have insisted upon is that I vigilantly track my baby’s movements and record them in a log. This is an important thing for every pregnant woman to do but in my case, with increased risk, it’s even more important. Most doctors recommend that you start tracking your babies kicks from 24 weeks onward.
For those who are unfamiliar with kick tracking, it is a way for moms and their doctors to gage the relative health of the baby. You pick a time each day, preferably an hour when your baby is most active, and simply note how long it takes for them to move or kick ten times. A lack of movement or dramatically slowed down movements, can indicate complications. And the sooner that this is checked out the better. While counting kicks is a simple enough task, it is also one that requires some amount of attention and accuracy. With my past pregnancies I sat with a pen, watch, and logbook, noting each kick, and the time between. It was tedious. I was prepared for the lecture from my doctor’s nurse, about how I should be sure I was not distracted by anything, and had a good stopwatch to use with the paper logbook they were supplying,
What the nurse did not know was that this time I have it much easier. My Babykick KickTrak device takes the tedium and much of the tension away. This handy little electronic unit has made what used to seem like a chore, almost a pleasure. I am free to watch tv or type on the computer as I time my kicks. Yes I have to pay attention to the kicks, but I am free to ignore the clock. I have only to press a button each time I feel the baby move and the device keeps track of everything else. It stores my last ten sessions for me. Later,I can quickly and easily transfer this data to the log book for the doctor to keep. If at any time, the pattern of my baby’s movements has changed and I need to call my doctor, the Babykick KickTrak sounds an alarm. With all that I have to worry about, it is a tremendous relief to have this little device working on my behalf.
The BabyKick KickTrak also keeps a calendar for me, showing exactly how many weeks and days are left in my pregnancy. So when someone asks whether I am 29 or 30 weeks now, and I have lost track, I know where to look for the answer. When I do go into labor, it can be used to time my contractions.
The nurses at my ob/gyn’s office were very impressed with this device and asked me whether I could get them some literature about how they could supply these units to all of their patients. If you or a friend are pregnant, kick counting is going to be an inevitable task. Do yourself, or your friend a favor and get one of these. $39.95 is a small price to pay for peace of mind. You can purchase the Babykick Kicktrak on their site.

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