In the third trimester of pregnancy I can’t say that I’m feeling my ‘prettiest’ on a daily basis. But thanks to the styling of Schone Maternity there can be at least a few days when I do.
“Schone” is a Dutch word meaning “Clean Beauty”. The mission at Schone Maternity is to be “Eco Chic.” In other words, to make beautiful clothes that are aesthetically and literally clean. Each garment is made from environmentally friendly, fairly traded fabrics and is produced in fair labor practicing factories in the United States.
These clothes are made with such great attention to detail that there is no way to wear them and not feel pretty.
But besides looking pretty there is nothing that makes me feel prettier than doing something that’s beneficial to others. That is why I love the fact that Schone Maternity has also set up a wonderful ‘recycling program’. You can send your gently worn Schone Maternity clothes back to them and they will clean and repair the clothes before bringing them to ‘Momma’s House’, an organization which provides crucial support to young mothers. And, as if that wouldn’t make you feel pretty enough, they will send you a hand woven, richly hand dyed silk scarf from Laos as a thank you!
Now, how much prettier can you get than that?
So sing with me now, “See the pretty girl in that mirror there: Who can that attractive girl be? Such a pretty face, such a pretty dress, such a pretty smile, such a pretty me!”
Check out Schone Maternity for their Mid-Summer SALE. And keep checking back to order from the new Fall Collection coming soon.

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