To me, a  a good sleep positioner is a new baby must-have. With our third child coming in 2 months, I was thrilled to test Summer Infant’s Supreme Inclined Sleep Positioner with Heartbeat ($32-39).

It comes in one piece and offers 3 individual adjustments for a custom fit. It keeps baby in the center of the crib/bassinet/co-sleeper and sleeping on their back.  The incline elevates baby’s head to help digestion and also includes Summer Infant’s patented heartbeat sensation.

The heartbeat includes three different settings: Heartbeat mode (re-creates the heartbeat feeling from the womb and automatically turns to Listening mode after 10 minutes), Listening mode (which allows the positioner to “listen” for your baby. If baby starts to cry, the heartbeat sound will automatically turn back on the comfort your baby to sleep) and the Combo mode (which begins in Heartbeat and after 10 minutes fades to Listening mode).

This positioner includes the TOTS reminding system to help parents remember to alternate the direction they lay baby down to sleep, in order to prevent plagiocephaly, or Flat Head Syndrome.

Buy it on Amazon for $36 with free shipping.

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