I’m 31 weeks pregnant this week and my leg cramps had been growing steadily worse. The only way I was getting relief from the leg cramps has been to jump onto my feet in the middle of the night. I’m also not sleeping very well. I asked to review the Bumpil On The Way (retails for around $59) to see if it could help me feel better and get some rest. It did and I got an added benefit!

You can use the Bumpil On The Way to cuddle up with, prop your back up or under your legs. One week with the Bumpil On The Way, propping up my legs, and they’ve basically STOPPED!!  I hate sleeping on my side, so I use pillows to prop my back up (so I’m kind of tilted onto my side).  I am just not comfortable totally sleeping on my side (neck issues). I was using the Bumpil to prop me up also, but once I saw it stopped my leg cramps, I was in heaven and just cannot go back to using it any other way. I’m still not sleeping, but I don’t think the Bumpil On The Way can help with that!!

This product is so multi-functional!  After you give birth, use it as a nursing pillow in your lap (its doctor and lactation consultant approved!). When your babe is a little older, use it to prop her up so she can see the world. Then just unzip it and you can make a safe space for tummy time or a portable infant play area (just slide the bumpers into place). A cute little satin tummy pillow is inside also. Just be sure to place the baby on the floor (don’t use the bed or table – not secure). I love that you can use it in so many different ways!  The Bumpil is also machine washable!! Which is wonderful after your baby spits up on it!

P520copy2Anne Dockendorf is the inventor and the head of the Bumpil Company. According to their website, "Beginning with her need for comfort during pr pregnancy and occurring again when she attempted to use a breastfeeding pillow that failed to work as well as she had hoped it would, she was frustrated.  Moreover, when she wanted to lay her infant daughter down nearby and was unable to lug a heavy playpen around with her after having a C-section, she, as many mothers do, placed pillows around her daughter as a barrier.   This method was easily undermined by baby rolling against or pushing the pillows out of the way.  The solution was to fix the pillows in place.  With this, this mom-inventor along with a team of engineers created a lightweight place for baby and folded this special infant area into the maternity and infant nursing pillow now available on the market." 

The company also offers the Bumpil Original Pillow (retails for around $46) – also great for maternity sleep support, as a baby head and neck support and infant play area.  Anne discussed the difference between the two pillows via email, "There is a big difference between the two pillows.  The Original is more like a body pillow or an over-sized bed pillow that opens to become a rectangular infant area.  The On the Way offers many other features such as feeding support, positioning aid for sitting baby at an incline, and tummy-time (all of this can be accomplished by removing the small crescent pillow).   Its ergonomic shape better contours the pregnant belly.  The On the Way can also be opened to become an infant area which is round, whereas the Bumpil Original is rectangular.  Only the On the Way offers the convenient pocket for toys and supplies.  Our customers indicate an 8 to 1 preference for the On the Way."

I think this product is a must-have for pregnant and new mamas and I highly recommend it. You’ll be using it from pregnancy to when baby starts crawling!! 

Want to grab the Bumpil On The Way or the Bumpil Original Pillow for yourself or a pregnant/new mom? Shop www.littleinfinity.com

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