Image_digital_largeI have to go to my OB’s appointments by myself – my husband works during the day (they don’t have night or weekend hours) and my two year old can’t handle staying quiet and calm during my doctor’s appointments – but what 2 year old could? So my mother meets us at the office and takes care of him.  But I wanted to share the experience of hearing our baby’s heartbeat with my family.  Belly Beats came to my rescue. It’s a service that will rent or sell you a fetal digital doppler device (very similar to the one your doctor uses) to hear your baby’s heartbeat – while in the comfort of your own home. So, my son and husband are able to share in this experience with me, while in our own home.

We checked out the digital fetal heartbeat monitor. It will cost you about $45 a month to rent. Or you could buy it for $599.  The unit comes with a manual, a recording of the maternal and fetal heartbeat sounds, a 9 volt battery and a 2 oz tube of ultrasound lotion. You can buy more ultrasound lotion (8.5 oz for $7.95).

According to their website, "The Fetal Doppler Baby Heartbeat Monitor listens to reflections of small, high frequency sound waves that are reflected off of the baby’s heart. Since high frequency sound waves do not travel readily through air, a liquid such as water, oil, or Fetal Doppler Ultrasound Lotion is applied to the mother’s belly in order for the Fetal Doppler- Baby Heartbeat Monitors probe to detect these sound waves. These signals are picked up by the Fetal Doppler-Baby Heart Monitor and processed and amplified so that they are audible in the instrument’s speaker or earphone and you are able to hear the fetal heartbeat!”

Now, I caution, this is NOT a substitute for regular medical appointments. It should be used in a supplemental way (kind of like gravy). The  FDA has approved this unit for home use by expecting mothers with the approval of a physician – which I did get. 

It made me happy to hear my daughter’s heartbeat whenever my husband or I wanted. My doctor showed me how to find the heartbeat using the digital fetal doppler in a matter of seconds.  As your little peanut is growing in your tummy, you’ll have to adjust where to find the heartbeat.

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