mommymeasure Look, I’m not about to tell you just how big my belly circumference is at this point (trust me… its big. Scroll down for pics) but I can check any time I want, and measure the fundal height on my own as well… with the Mommy Measure that I recently received as a sample.

What a clever record-keeper the Mommy Measure is! This simple measuring tape provides space to record notes about your pregnancy… like a mini-journal that keeps track of time via your measurements. More than journaling (“16 weeks: felt some kicking!”) you can use the measure with your bigger kids: they measure my belly (yeah… fun for them) and then we compare the circumference with other “normal” things. Which is bigger? Mommy’s belly or the height of the couch? (Like I said, fun for them.)

And what a simple keepsake. The tape can be cut and pasted into a scrapbook, or stored in a treasure box for years to come. The Mommy Measure comes with a marker designed to write on vinyl as well as heart stickers to place at special milestones.


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