More of Me Maternity has a fantastic website. She combines the beauty of her clothing with a zine, making it a pleasure to hop on over to check out the site. And then you’re hit with the gorgeous, and I mean gorgeous, maternity clothing.

In the Spring/Summer Gallery at More of Me Maternity, you’ll find everything you need to look smashing at your next big event, be it a wedding, reunion, or other special evening out. The designs are hot and comfortable, just what a stylin’ pregnant woman is looking for.

I received a Take it to the Maxi Dress as a sample and was so very excited to wear it on my anniversary next month. In fact, I love the dress so much that I was ready to plan other “events” for the huz and me just for an excuse to dress up in my Maxi dress. Sadly, the dress is too big. Way too big. Now, you all know I’m pretty petite (even with my beach ball belly.) But the size small dress (for reference, at Gap and ON, I’m fitting mostly small, some extra small right now) jsut doesn’t fit. Especially in the booby area (where this time around I’m still waiting to fill up the nursing bras). The More of Me Maternity designer tells me that she hasn’t heard the dresses are too big for most, but that most customers my size would be wearing an XS, and not a S. So if you adore the dress like I do (because it is gorgeous and I haven’t seen anything to compare in the stores) be sure to pay special attention to the sizing. Also, check out the image of the model, you’ll see just how long the dress is. For someone short like me, it would need to be shortened. But the dress was designed to be long (think bridesmaid) to cover up all the way through the ankles.

Of course, there are other dresses on the More of Me site that aren’t geared to wear so long. I love the look of the L.B.M.o.M.D. Maybe that’s the dress I should wear (in a size XS) for my anniversary. Hmmm… fingers go a-clickin’.  Use code OVB for 10% off your purchase.


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