pregpillow Have I mentioned the pain I feel with this pregnancy? Its painful to sleep on my side, so I unconsciously roll to my back. Which alarmed the doc. She suggested I try wedging in pillows.

So I sent out a request to sample the Prince Lionheart Pregnancy Pillow and its been working for me. I’ve found a few uses for it that have eased the pressure on my back while I lay and sleep. The cushion of the pillow is a very firm memory foam which conforms really well when wedged between or under my knees while I sleep and alleviates a great deal of back pain. With regular pillow behind my back, there is also less chance of me wanting to, or needing to, roll onto my back (which has the potential to harm me or my baby.)

Its also been a lifesaver for reading. During “rest” time, I’ve found I can wedge the Pregnancy Pillow under a¬†higher part pf my belly (and a bit of my chest.) Reading on the side hasn’t been easier… I may have to keep this pillow as a reading buddy even after baby is born.

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