As every Mom knows one of the first challenges with your baby is trying to get them scheduled. And there are times you have to record their sleep/feed/eating activity otherwise you won’t remember all the details. When my son was a newborn, I remember literally using scraps of paper to record the last time he ate something, or slept or did something or other that was worthy of notation — not very organized of me. And to this day, I still find random notes about the last time Nate had a bottle.
This time around, I’m much more prepared. I recently checked out and will be using a book call Baby Daze, which gives me one central location to record all these important notes to help with my own sanity and to help keep baby #2 organized and on a feeding schedule.
Everything is organized into one spot with the Baby Daze book – there are sections for feeding, diapering, important medical information and more. There’s even a place to help record the gifts you’ve received once your newborn arrives (especially helpful when you’re writing thank you notes and can’t remember what came from who!)
The Baby Daze book is a nice, compact size – easy for diaper bag storage and travel. (Because your child won’t stop eating and pooping when you’re out and about!)
Check them out on the Baby Daze website and use coupon code stylemom06 for $2 off your book purchase (max. of 3 can be purchased with the discount, the book sells for $19.95 normally.)

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