I have officially reached the point of my pregnancy where I am a) ready to give birth b) sick and tired of everyone commenting on how big I am and c) almost out of maternity clothes that fit me!
I recently discovered Jestations, which are perfect shirts for the way I feel right now! The shirts are sassy tees that are designed for pregnant women who are annoyed with pregnancy comments, unsolicited advice, belly-rubs, and rude questions like “are you sure you aren’t having twins?”
I especially love:
-“How much bigger are YOU going to get?”
-“I’d rather not discuss my cervix. Thanks, though.” and
-“No, I don’t want to hear about how you only gained 15 pounds”
(and tons of others!)
For those who aren’t at the point in their pregnancy where they are miserable (like me), Jestations also offers shirts with cute and happy sayings, too! The shirts are actual maternity shirts (not men’s large, etc) so they really fit and flatter (something hard for me to find at this point!).
Check out all of the saucy tees and pick one up for yourself or as a gift. Order now through June and receive free shipping with code “mommiesrock”!

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