BaghomeWhen you are about to give birth (no matter if it’s your first time or not) it’s hard to make sure you have everything you need packed for the hospital.  During the first time I was in labor (with my son) two years ago, I didn’t have everything ready, since I went into labor at 38.5 weeks and was frankly clueless anyway.

I didn’t think to bring anything except some clothes, toiletries, and books. While they were maternity, I didn’t take into account that maternity jeans would not be comfortable for someone who just gave birth- ouch!. I forgot my razor, shampoo and conditioner (which I needed for the days after when I felt grubby and wanted to take a shower).   I couldn’t concentrate enough to read during labor or after I gave birth. I didn’t think of bringing snacks for my husband or even a clean t-shirt or toothbrush for him (most men don’t give these things a thought at all!).  We also forgot our camera, so we borrowed one from my father in law to get those important first pictures of our new baby. Basically, I felt very unorganized.  Wouldn’t it be great if someone actually packed the essentials for you?

The Birth’a Bag, created by Shari Miller, is making things much easier for me. A mom herself, she started packing her friend’s hospital bags and it turned into a business.   The Birth’a Bag she kindly sent me –  will be coming with me to the hospital and is totally packed with everything I need for labor and my hospital stay. Shari uses all natural and organic products and has really thought of everything a mom needs to get through the birth. She even has some kosher snacks included. And if you are going to be delivering via C-section, all the items included are useful to take care of you before and after your C-section.

You can choose from the Birth’a Bag VIP ($180) or the Birth’a Bag Basic ($110).  They use the same bag, but the products inside are a little different. I saw the VIP bag.

Products included in the Birth’a Bag V.I.P are:
B. Kamins Face Cleanser  – Vegetable based and gentle
B. Kamins Facial Moisturizer
White Towel Service Lavender Infused Washcloth
Wooden Hair Brush
Lizard Lip Balm
Recycline Preserve Toothbrush
Weleda Natural Toothpaste
Radius Natural Silk Dental Floss
Chandler’s Natural Body Butter –
for hand and body moisturizing
Chandler’s Natural Lavender Body Powder
Weleda Natural Rose Deodorant
Weleda Lavender Relaxing Body Oil
Perx Organic Lavender Towelettes
CleanWell Natural Hand Sanitizer Spray –
I absolutely love this healthier anti-bacterial spray
100% Cotton T-Shirt  – for your birthing coach, husband, partner (or all of the above) may need to change into something a little more comfortable – who knows how long labor will last! (Specify size small, medium, large or x-large on order area)
Yummy Earth Organic Lollipops (kosher) – to help with feeling dehydrated
Chomp Natural Cookie – a yummy snack for your birthing coach
Endangered Species Chocolate (kosher) – for the coach (or as a treat for you after delivery!)
Original Music CD – Calm relaxing birthing music that you can also download unto your iPod or MP3 player
Kodak Disposable Camera – so you don’t have to worry about packing your camera and wondering where it is during labor.

You can chose from four colors for the cute diaper bag that everything comes in- Jelly Bean Black, Olive You, Navy Blue-Gaa and Gimme Gray. The bag is roomy and is currently holding plenty of other items that I want to bring to the hospital.  It will clip onto my stroller (after we come home from the hospital) and I love the orange paisley lining. I’ve already packed my dearjohnnies gown and Binsi birthing apparel (I posted about dearjohnnies last week. Click here to read that review. I will be posting about Binsi next week. I also put in 1 More Push‘s Labor Kit ( another fab mom idea which will air the week after that). I also put in some other items like contact lens solution, my extra pair of glasses and a contact lens case. I’ll also stick a toothbrush in for my husband and his deodorant.  Add in a going home outfit for the baby, some comfortable maternity clothes for me to go home in, and voila – I’m packed!.

Thanks Shari, you made me more relaxed at 36 weeks- which has been almost unheard of lately!!


Exclusive for MWS Readers: Receive complimentary shipping until January 15, 2008!
Call Birth’a Bag for details at 888.472.8999 or go to and hit ‘contact’ – mention this review on MWS.


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