Gogotop I’m down to the last couple of weeks in my pregnancy. We just found out that my baby is breech and if she doesn’t turn, I will have a c-section on December 31st.

But if my baby turns, I plan on wearing BINSI’s Labor and Birth Apparel during the last phases of labor and delivery. When contractions get to be too much and I’m sweating my tuchos off, wearing BINSI’s Go Go Top ($38) and Prima Mama Skirt ($55) will make me comfortable (and preserve what’s left of my dignity/modesty). And if I end up having a c-section, I will be wearing the Go Go Top and Prima Mama Skirt afterwards for comfort reasons. Either way, its already packed in my bag!

BINSI’s birth apparel was created by Carri Grimditch of Boulder, Colorado, in 2005. She’s a mom of three, and is also a doula. According to BINSI’s website, "This clothing line specializes in unique birthing skirts and tops for women who want more comfort, control, and empowerment in the delivery room. The skirt’s unique design is Carri’s own; her expertise isn’t grounded in the clothing or fashion industry, but in working with women as a certified doula.  Every BINSI  garment is designed to work well for doctors, nurses, anesthesiologist-and most of all mommies! BINSI skirts fit below the belly and were designed, along with all the items, to accommodate any medical equipment- even the epidural. BINSI skirts and tops include such features as: front hooks, snaps, adjustable straps and drawstring waistbands, which allows for easy and quick removal."

Carri’s business partner, Kim Taylor was kind enough to send me the Go Go Top and the Prima Mama Skirt (and made sure they would fit my 9+ preggo body). And I LOVE them.

I have been wearing the Go Go Top as a sleep bra for the last few weeks and adore it. You can easily use it after your baby’s birth as a comfortable nursing bra – just unhook the straps. It is so comfortable – love the soft cotton. It’s available in black mystery or cream epiphany, but only the black is available on the BINSI site right now. It won’t get in the way while you are in labor – specific features include: side snaps, two front hooks – so you can get that skin on skin contact and/or breastfeed as soon as possible.

The Prima Mama Skirt is a comfortable cotton adjustable drawstring skirt features:
-Side slits for movement
-Bend, sit,or squat as needed without an ounce of extra material to get in the way!
-Under-belly fit.  Made for monitoring and stays off sensitive skin during contractions.
-Front snaps allow for a better fit and ease when removed.

You can get the skirt
in black eclipse, navy moon, purple elara and lavender venus and also comes with 8 colored beads that you can string on yourself. Blue stands for intuition, red for confidence and courage, lavender for love and beauty and green for life. Good for focusing during labor.

BINSI also makes the Thankini top (gives a little more coverage than the Go Go Top) and two other skirts – the BINSI II Too Skirt and the BINSI Original Birth Skirt. The company also sells the Mama AHH! Robe and wish bracelets.

Celebrity moms also love BINSI. BINSI Apparel was gifted to Katie Holmes, Michelle Williams, Jennifer Garner, Brooke Shields, and Melissa Joan Hart (during her pregnancy with son Mason).

Shop http://www.birthinbinsi.com/. You can also click here to find a list of retailers in the US, Canada and Australia.

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