Kitaab338x247We’re getting down to the wire here, the baby could come any day. While she’s still breech, and I am scheduled for a C-section, baby girl could still turn. And if she does, I will be ready for labor.

I feel ready for anything because of 1 More Push’s great labor & delivery kit ($55). Even if I have the C-section, all these items can be used before and after in the hospital. They are cutely labeled and made me smile.

The Kit contains

A stress ball (definitely would come in handy during contractions – instead of mauling your birthing partner’s hand)
Back Massager
Lip Balm (to combat those lizard lips)
Hair Ribbon
Ankle Socks (keep your tootsies warm while every other bit of you is hanging out)
Pen and Pad (always comes in handy – you could write down a list of things to do after baby comes or even start your "To Call/Email" list)
Organic Lollipops (to combat dehydration)
Newborn Onesie (that says "Going Home")

Lindsey Keller (who’s expecting baby #3 in April) and her mom, Lori, are the owners.  Lori was diagnosed with cancer in March 2006. Lindsey closed her home daycare business to take care of her mother and together they came up with this idea while her mom was sick ( thankfully she’s in remission now).

This makes a great gift for any expectant mom (or snag it for yourself) – I wish I had had thought of putting together a kit like this when I was in labor for so many hours with my first child!!!

Buy the kit from their website (and get free shipping and handling). Shop 1 More Push.


  1. Here's another labor and delivery kit that's got stuff for Mom and Dad, and is super affordable. Check it out:

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