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39 weeks pregnant: I Love My Belly, and I love their maternity clothing

lmb Note from Whitney:  Julie is no longer 39 weeks pregnant.  She wrote this post two days ago, ended up going into labor and had her baby girl yesterday morning!  Keep reading for more news but here is her latest post and her last review as a pregnant woman:

Wrapping up this pregnancy is something I am completely ready to do. I’ll only miss 2 things: 1. kicks, tumbles and tickles and 2. wearing chic maternity clothing. I just love my maternity clothes.

And I have especially enjoyed the selection at Love My Belly Maternity. Their Tube Top Cannes (featured) has all the necessary stretch and my favorite element to a top: a shelf bra. Add that it looks fantastic for a night out and I have a final favorite in my closet.

Love My Belly also got it right with their t-shirt.  Its soft, comfortable and it answers the SO often asked question “do you know what you’re having?” (My standard answer: “I’ll let you know in a few days…”) The huz laughed when I wore this blingy shirt, but I just loved how cute it looked… and that at 37 weeks, measuring 38, it still covered my belly completely. (BTW, its currently 66% off in their sale–grab a few for friends! This is a great “Congrats You’re Expecting” gift!)

Oh, and I have to mention their super-soft velour pants. They actually complement your body (which, you know, being this far along isn’t easy) and they feel good. A definite must-have for an expecting mom this fall or winter.

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