So it hit me last night, I’m about to have a baby. I started to have a little panic and turned to my husband to inform him, “Oh s*&^t, I have to get this baby out somehow.” To which he of course responded, “you’re only just realizing that now?” Suddenly everything seems so real – from tasking my husband with installing the infant seat to packing a bag for both me and the baby.
As I did the latter, I realized how grateful I was for this site and everything I’ve learned in the last almost-two years of running it. Our bags are certainly much better stocked than I was the first time around. Anyway, I thought it would be fun to give you guys a little list of some of the items (besides the obvious) I’ve packed in our hospital bag this time that I’m excited about – items I didn’t have in the past:

    FOR ME:

  • an Aimee Nursing Gown
  • a GlamourMom Nursing Tank (currently on clearance on Bugs and Blossoms for $25.95, marked down from $39, and get 10% off on orders over $100). Although I have to say, I keep looking at the waist portion of this tank wondering when/if I’ll be able to get it over my belly.
  • a Dear Johnnies Hospital Gown (click through for $10 off)
    FOR HIM:

  • An Aimee Nursing Gown Blanket (only $24.95 for a big one and they are so soft!)
  • A Dust Bunnies Blanket from Polka Dot Whale (which it appears they no longer carry but they have some other awesome blankets, use coupon code mommieswithstyle for 15% off)
  • Some clothes from New for Baby (10% off with code MWS06)
  • Pinxav Diaper Rash Cream, because I swear by it
  • His Baby Chronicles Book – I used it with my first son Nate and loved it – it’s simple, easy and good for keeping up with the facts.
  • This Wow, I’m a Big Brother! from, that I plan on giving Nate when he first walks in and meets his little brother so he gets a little something too in the actual hospital to remember the moment.

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