Recently, I have been focusing more on skin care than my makeup routine. I have been trying out TONS of new products to help hydrate and replenish my skin. I have grown to LOVE to pampering myself and face masks are my absolute favorite. I typically use a face mask at least once a week to restore my skin. Here are a few of my current favorites! Each one helps to hydrate my skin. I have SUPER sensitive skin and all these work really well with my skin type.

Glam Glow ThirsyMud Hydrating Treatment


I’m Real Mask Sheets

I_m-real-Cherry-blossom-mask-wo-tag_400x400 8713344_fpx I_m-real-Lavender-mask-wo-tag_d0665e43-3eb0-49b2-8258-1d2abf55bde0_1024x1024

First Aid Beauty Oatmeal Mask


Fresh Lotus Youth PreserveRescue Mask



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    What about the DIY mask? Since conventional treatments are never without side effects, natural treatment options often provide a better solution. You may have come across a recipe for a DIY face mask and started to wonder what exactly it is. Basically, the mask involves coming up with a combination of remedies that can be applied to the facial skin to rejuvenate the same. A Do It Yourself (DIY) homemade face mask for acne, for example, focuses on remedies such as honey and similar options, which have traditionally been used and known to promote a couple of health benefits to the skin. Best home remedies for the homemade face mask for acne are honey, coconut oil, green tea, apple cider vinegar, sugar, Aloe Vera and other. As you will find out, different facial masks are best when used to address a particular skin condition. When it comes to acne scars, I would recommend a facial mask with onion and oatmeal. The two remedies might just succeed in getting rid of acne scars.A DIY face mask may prove the greatest home treatment you have ever tried on your face and skin in general. This is only as long as the ingredients and recipes have been followed correctly. You can always compare preparation details as offered in different sources.


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