My 3rd Grader came home with a worksheet listing 40 Good Deeds Children Can Do During Lent the other day. It’s written by someone named Michele S – wish I could give further attribution but that’s all it says & didn’t seem to be online anywhere. Wherever you are, thanks for this great list, Michele S! I thought it was such a great list withideas for our kiddos during Lent that I wanted to pass it along.

It’s good to teach our kids that Lent isn’t just about giving up things but about finding ways to be more meaningful – sacrificing your time to help others is a way your children can show love and meaning to others.

40 Good Deeds Children Can Do During Lent

1. Put too small clothing in a bag to give to charity.

2. Help a neighbor by pulling the weeds in their front yard.

3. Purchase a canned or dry good to give to a local food bank.

4. Give a dollar at church when the collection plate is passed.

5. Donate toys to a local homeless shelter.

6. Call the grandparentsto say hello.

7. Pick up litter at a local playground or school.

8. Stay after school or stay in during recess to offer to help your teacher.

9. Help fold laundry at home.

10. Write a thank you letter to a serviceman who is overseas.

11. Bring your parents a bottle of water when they are outside working.

12. Do the dishes after dinner.

13. Clean your room without anyone having to ask.

14. Write a thank you note to someone who has done something nice for you lately.

15. Spend extra time playing with your pet.

16. Make cookies and give a few to people who help you every day (your bus driver, mailman, etc.)

17. Spend time playing with a younger child.

18. Ask an elderly neighbor if they need help with anything today.

19. Make thank you cards for someone who has helped you recently.

20. Take the trash out without being asked.

21. Help younger siblings clean up their toys or clean their room.

22. Say a prayer for someone who is sick.

23. Give everyone in your family a hug.

24. Make a card for someone in a nursing home.

25. Make a card for someone in a hospital.

26. Set the table for dinner.

27. Deliver a small package of homemade cookies or candy to the neighbors.

28. Help rake leaves.

29. Help plant a garden.

30. Donate a weeks allowance to charity.

31. Be nice to a student who needs a friend.

32. Give compliments to people.

33. Hold doors open for people.

34. Help an elderly or handicapped person at the grocery store.

35. Read to younger children.

36. Play with a student who seems lonely at recess.

37. Sweep the neighbors front steps or walkways.

38. Say a prayer for someone who is sad or lonely.

39. Help Mom and Dad with their chores.

40 Buy school supplies to donate to children at a homeless shelter.


  1. Such great ideas… it’s so important to encourage kids to do kind things for others.

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