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It’s been a whirlwind 5 days and as you are reading this, we’re making our way to the airport and headed home from Orlando. My family and I were down in Disney Worldfor the Disney Social Media Moms Conference. It’s an invite-only conference for social media influencers and I was thrilled to receive an invitation again this year as it’s always a nice opportunityfor my family.

I have to say, this year was the year we really made the most of Disney. My boys are ages 12 & 9 now, so they can really continue to go at a fast pace that allowed us to make the most of our money. We rode endless rides, hopped back and forth from parks and true to a full Disney trip: I’ll be on the couch for a few days to recover from this trip.

The above picture is from Japan. We had an amazing dinner at hibachi at Teppan Edo followed by listening to a concert with the Gin Blossom that we stumbled upon.

(Random! Do you guys remember them? “Hey Jealousy” and “Addison Road” were two of their more popular songs and we sent the kids for funnel cake while hubby and I danced and listened and pretended we weren’t 40+ but 19 again.)

So that’s where I’ve been! Not sure if I’ll have anything for you tomorrow but stay tuned for a couple of Disney-related posts until I get back to the grind. What’s up withall of you?



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