DystopicanFictionYA These days, if he’s not playing Minecraft, you’ll find my 12 year old reading. In fact, Minecraft and diving into a great dystopican fiction series are his two favorite pastimes.

He gobbles up books. I’m constantly on the hunt for new book series for him because he especially loves series and knowing there are a bunch of books to dive into. I put together a list of some of his favorite series below, plus a few I found while researching that I’m going to add to his list:

The Unwanteds
The Unwanteds– there’s 7 books (with an 8th coming soon) in this series that’s been called Harry Potter meets the Hunger Games


Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 1.14.54 PM

Pendragon – this is his all time favorite series. From what I understand it’s a parallel universe/several Earths storyline. Protagonist is a 14-year-old boy. There’s 10 books.

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SYLO Chronicles – by the same author as the Pendragon series, an end of the world conspiracy story. Three books.

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Under the Empyrean Sky (Heartland Trilogy) –Under the Empyrean Skyis a dystopian adventure about three teen boys who defy their corrupt government to survive.

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Cinder (the Lunar Chronicles) – he hasn’t read this one but a lot of the girls his age seem to be into it. Common Sense Media calls it, “Cinderella as a futuristic cyborg.”

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