Santa Claus holding banner blank. Christmas holiday concept

While the kid screaming on Santa’s lap is always good for a Facebook post or laugh when you look back on it, it’s not usuallywhat you’re going for when you hike it to the mall and try and get a photo of your child with the big red guy.

‘Tis the season and the lines to sit on Santa’s lap are only going to be getting longer as you read this post. We brought you some easy tips to help you get the classic jolly photo that you’re looking to get with Santa.


  1. Visit Santa & his elves at the mall as soon as you can. Lines get longer the nearer you draw to Christmas.
  2. Have your child wear something that will look good against Santa’s red suit. Festive colors are always fun: green, silver, gold, white or black all work well with red. Think bright for the holidays!
  3. Where’s Santa? If Santa’s not there when you arrive, tell your kids Santa is feeding his reindeer and will be back shortly.
  4. If your child is shy and doesn’t want to sit on Santa’s lap, don’t make them! Most mall helpers can provide you with additional seating or another option for your child to sit next to Santa.
  5. Be excited with your child in line. Bring toys or something to entertain them if the line is long; talk to your child about what he/she wants to say to Santa. Maybe read a children’s Christmas story awhile they wait. Make it magical and fun! These are what holiday memories are made of!

Ho ho ho! Best of luck and got a tip you think we missed? Share it below!


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