It’s easy to feel stressed when deciding what to wear for a professional family photo session! We want our picture perfect so it’s easy to feel pressure when deciding what you and the kiddos should wear for the big day.

I recently had a family portrait session at a local studio called Ivory Tree photos. (I currently have a giveaway going with them for a free session – if you’re local to Philadelphia, check it out!) I definitely felt anxious when trying to select what we wanted to wear. Did I want us casual? Formal? Should I be dressing us for a Christmas photo even though it was only March? Okay that last one is a little nutty, but the idea did cross my mind.

Having done a little research, I thought I would share these 5 tips I found to help you create the best look for your family’s big photo day.

  1. No logos on clothes. Bleh. Because it’s not an advertisement.
  2. Coordinate your clothes, but don’t match – while it may seem appealing to put everyone in the same shirt and pants, matching clothes can look cookie-cutter. Finding coordinating clothes and colors that compliment one another all together can have a really nice look in photos! If you are unsure, lay everyone’s outfits out on the bed before the big day and see how it all flows together.
  3. When it comes to color choice, consider your house decor. What are your favorite colors? Typically what you have going in your house is a theme you may like on your family.
  4. Use accessories to add texture and a little pop to your photos. Pick your basic solid colors out when coordinating but with the addition of accessories like ties for the guys, scarves for the women, necklaces, etc you can add a little extra personality to your photos and make them personal to you.
  5. Photos can be timeless but don’t get caught up in trying to not retro. What I mean is that photos are meant to capture a special moment in time. Often times, I think we strip down what makes us look like us in that time period because we’re afraid we’ll look out of fashion or out of date down the line. So what! Embrace your family’s style, it’s what makes you you.


  1. Whitney, you nailed it. Photography is a moment in time. Embrace it. Authentic photos capture your natural style and beautiful family – whatever that looks like for you.

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