I don’t know how long this sale will last, but today I was tooling around Amazon and this caught my eye. I had to post because I think this is one of the best products I’ve ever reviewed from a practicality standpoint and the sale price is awesome. We have two Aerobed for Kids – one at my parents house in Florida, and one here at home.
Both of them get tons of use from us and friends. It’s just a terrific product for traveling with kids. The Aerobed inflats and the sides are slightly raised – helpful for toddlers and new to “bed sleeping” preschoolers who may normally sleep with bed rails – the raised sides help discourage rolling out.
Anyway, it’s normally $100 and they have it on sale for 50% off Amazon at the time of this review – it’s selling for $50. It also ships for free. Check it out, it comes wtih a cover, a bag and an electric pump (my kids get a kick out of sitting on it and “riding” it up as it inflates!)

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