I’m a year-round avid reader but there’s just something about a book on the beach that’s just blissful. With the sand in my toes and the sound of the ocean, reading a book on the beach is really my favorite summer activity. Do you guys feel the same way? I’ve already read a few this summer and look forward to reading more.

Here’s a couple of books I’m looking to read or have already read this summer – what’s on your summer reading list?

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The One That Got Away – I got this one in the mail from the publishing house but I like that it’s set in Philadelphia and it’s compared to the movie Sliding Doors, which I loved! It’s basically a what-could-have-happened story and it’s got great reviews on Amazon so far so I’m looking forward to cracking it open.

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Crazy Rich Asians – this one is the pick for my June Book Club. Have yet to start it but need to get moving. It’s set in Singapore and soon to be a movie.

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The Coincidence of Coconut Cake – A friend read this and said it’s a cute read. Plus it has almost 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

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Firefly Lane – If you’ve read some of my other book reviews, it’s no secret that the Nightingale has been one of my favorite books the last few years. Which makes it kind of crazy that I haven’t read any other Kristin Hannah books! Firefly Lane is my Book Club’s pick for July and I’m hearing from others that it’s great! I am starting it soon.

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Sleeping Giants – forthat sci-fi-fi/fantasy book reading urge you get this summer

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Eleanor & Park – a sweet story about first love! I’ve added this one to my list, it has great reviews.

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